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******REDUCED***Identified French Model 1816/1822 Rifled musket; Inscribed to Maryland Soldier BUY** : Auction-jsanderson-1503

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This Union imported rifled musket French Model 1816/1822 Musket was marked as the property of George Leydig, who enlisted as a Maryland solder, deserted, then re-enlisted as a Maryland Cavalryman!

This is marked to G Leydig, who is George Leydig aka Lydig, who started the War in as a Maryland infantry volunteer, served in the Maryland Potomac Home Guard Brigade, deserted Christmas Day, 1861 but was cleared of this charge so he could enlist in the First Maryland Potomac Home Guard Brigade in time for the third Battle of Winchester, the Battle of Fisher’s Hill, and the Battle of Cedar Creek. George was from the mountains near Cumberland, a stronghold of Union sentiment.

The Union imported some French model 147,000 muskets early in the War, some made in France, many made in Liege Belgium, then the major center of arms making in Europe according to Firearms from Europe by Noe, Yantz & Whisker, page 107. This particular musket is a Belgium made French Model 1816 or 1822, originally made in flintlock, later converted to percussion and the barrel rifled.

This remains in wonderful “attic mint” condition. It was stored away with the metal in the bright, and left to gracefully age in someone’s closet for 150 years. The metal, where exposed to air, turned a nice even smooth brown. Where covered (such as under the bands) it remains bright. The visible sign of this untouched aging is the thin bright strip on the barrel just where it meets the wood of the stock – over the years, wood shrinks, and so exposes the edge of metal that was covered and remained bright. This shows this gun has not been messed with.

The wood has never been sanded, and edges are sharp. The stock still shows the clear script initials of the maker, the first is H, and then I am not sure. The only other mark on the gun is a crown over HF on the Lockplate just ahead of the hammer. These are the marks you see from Belgian makers, and I am sure this is a Belgian.

These were made in .69 smoothbore caliber, and then later rifled, and the bore on these rifled ones is about .71 caliber. The barrel is the original length of 42.6 inches long. The rifling is still clear and sharp, and the bore is actually bright. There are several small patches of roughness; these patches would add up to about the size of a quarter. The ramrod is full length. The nipple is clear and looks solid.

I will have the service records of George Leydig soon, and will send them to the buyer of this musket. This is a very nice, solid musket, much better than many you see, and has the special historical interest of being named to a specific soldier.

You may email me directly at jsanderson@columbus.rr.com

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