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**SALE***Two-Band Light Minie Rifle, the “Brazilian Naval Rifle,” .sleeved for shooting******* : Auction-jsanderson-1826

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This Two-Band Light Minie Rifle, often called the “Brazilian Naval Rifle,” is an attractive Civil War Import which has the bore sleeved to .40 caliber

This is one of my favorite Civil War weapons, a 32” barrel two-band rifle, made in .577 caliber. This rifle was made in Belgium (then a major center of European arms production, selling to all sides of any global conflict), and bears Liege proof-marks. The US bought 5,800 of these in 1861, and they were considered to be first class arms. These handsome arms are discussed in “Firearms from Europe,” Noe, Yantz & Whisker,1st edition, page 110.

These are marked on the metal parts and on the wood with an anchor, with a D on the left and the C on the right of it. The traditional story is that these were made in Belgium for the Navy of Dom Carlos of Brazil, and so they were stamped with the anchor to show naval use, and DC for Dom Carlos. I think more likely that this is the mark of the O.P. Drissen company of Liege, Belgium. In any event, they were bought in Europe by Northern agents at the very start of the Civil War. The US paid $27 each for these, top money, and they were rated a first class weapon.

Some modern owner decided to make this into a handy shooter by sleeving the barrel with a .40 caliber liner (I can’t see any wear to the bore) and installing a higher front sight. If I still shot these, I’d like to draw bead on a groundhog with this. The crisp bore should be accurate, the recoil moderate, and the cost of shooting smaller bullet economical. The nipple looks new, and is clear, and the lock spring is strong and it locks up crisply in both half and full cock.

These had a distinctive, long rear sight. The original rear sight on this one is still present. Many are missing - the sights were soldered on, and, just like the British Enfield rear sights, they often are missing, having been knocked off over the years.

The ramrod is an incorrect replacement, a shortened tulip head straight shank ramrod with the bottom end is correctly threaded. These had a bayonet lug on the side of the barrel to take a saber style bayonet. These short, handy and well made rifles were appreciated during the War, and used afterwards, and since there was no use for a heavy saber bayonet on this for civilian use, they removed the lug. The lug is gone on this one.

This rifle makes a nice display, and still has the brass shield with eagle that many of these had fastened onto the top of the wrist. When I bought this, the seller did not know it has been sleeved – it is a nice looking rifle for a collector, or, if you have it checked out, for a shooter.

One of these rifles is pictured in the most famous photo taken April 3, 1865 in the confederate trenches at Petersburg Virginia, the day after Lee escaped in a final march to Appomattox. You can see that Brazilian Naval Rifle above the confederate soldier’s body in the photo, which is the last of my photos.

I may offer this locally, so consider using the buy it now feature.

You may email me directly at jsanderson@columbus.rr.com

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